Coaching SUPERPOWER: 10 advantages of recording sessions

How Chuck Stormon uses RushTera to manage and distribute his coaching recorded sessions

By Chuck Stormon

As an ICF member coach, I am required to submit recordings of coaching sessions for mentor coaching, evaluations and credentialing. Beyond these mandated uses, there are many advantages of recording client sessions, as well as sessions where I’m getting feedback. So many, in fact, that I’d call mastering session recording and management of those recordings a coaching superpower.

To get started, you’ll need to understand the recording capability of your video conferencing platform. My platform of choice is Zoom, but almost all of them allow you to record video of your session. Make sure you have permission in writing to record your client and ask them again for permission to record during the recorded portion of the session. When starting the recording, I ask Zoom to direct the video, audio and chat files to My Computer, so I can manage my library of recordings myself.

Next, you’ll need a streaming and management platform for your video library. I use RushTera because its super easy to use and super fast.  RushTera gives me full control of the branding, privacy, sharing and security of my videos and it works across Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android. Clients don’t have to do or download anything. They just hit Play.

Now that you can easily record and share your sessions privately, what advantages does your superpower give you?

  1. Ever miss an important word, phrase or name? Go back and listen again so you’ll be prepared with that piece of client language the next time.
  2. Share session videos privately with your client. With RushTera you’ll be notified of when they are streamed by the client. You can share with security and revoke access at any time.
  3. Know when your evaluator has viewed your submitted recording by virtue of the same feature.
  4. Distribute your intellectual property to clients under your personal or company brand.
  5. Have no fear of embarrassing “next up” videos popping up after your client has played your video.
  6. Effortlessly watermark your videos, set individual client passwords, and auto-expire links to curb unauthorized distribution.
  7. Group coaching sessions can be shared with absent members of the group to catch them up efficiently.
  8. Mentor coaches can instantly scrub to specific time codes in a session and/or use 2x playback speed during long periods of client language.
  9. You can send playlists (called Galleries) of material and keep track of who has accessed what by when.
  10. Your ability to leverage video in your practice will differentiate you from others in your field.
Seems like something you’ll need ?

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