NEW Feature: Media Labels

Use Labels For An Organized Media Management & Collaboration Process


RushTera is dedicated  for large-scale media sharing, management and collaboration

 And while being able to enjoy limitless files and team collaboration options is certainly an advantage, it’s not surprising at all to get overwhelmed and lose track during projects.  

But as we at RushTera strive to guarantee a smooth and efficient workflow for our clients in the Film & Media Industry, we noticed that file  status tracking during the post production phase is a high priority. Whether it is confirming reviewed and approved files for a certain project or tracking the status of media files in progress, we got the perfect feature for you. 

Introducing Media Labels, our newly added RushTera feature.

Define your media management workflow

With this feature you can create different labels to categorize your media files, with the ability to distinguish each label by specifying a title and a color. Collaborate with your team and keep track of the status of each set of files; approved, in progress, reviewed are some of many examples you can use. The good news is that you can create your own set of labels and customize it according to your workflow.

Now you can enjoy RushTera file management features without the worry of getting overwhelmed and losing track of your files. With Media Labels, you can be organized and on the same page with your team throughout your work process.

Eager to try it out but not a RushTera user yet? You can get access to all of our features and enjoy the RushTera experience for 7 days with our FREE trial.

Seems like something you’ll need in your workflow?

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