A: When you share a video file, you have the option to select "Create Streamable Proxies". If you check this box we'll start creating 5 additional proxies in the background after you click "Generate" to complete the share. Of course, your shared file will be available immediately as-is. The proxy resolutions will be 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 144p. When the transcodes are finished you'll receive an email letting you know, and the proxies will be automatically integrated into the share. Our video player chooses the best proxy for every viewer based on their bandwith, but they can also choose a specific resolution if they prefer.

A: Currently there is no way to specify a "link" for your logo and URL so they hyperlink back to your own site. We have added this to a list of customer requests, however, as we see how useful this may be for our customers. To display your URL today you would need to include it either within the logo artwork, or on the the background artwork that you upload when you customize the share pages.

A: All of your files will remain in your account for 12 months, even if your trial has expired. To access them again, just subscribe or ask for an extension on your trial.

A: You can only share a folder with someone who is a registered user. Use the gallery feature to enable non-members to review and download files. Select a folder, right-click and select Gallery. You can choose to enable password protection and set link expiration dates.

A: “Show” accounts allow you to sponsor up to 10 other members, and “Studio” accounts may sponsor an unlimited number. They will have all the privileges of a paid account, but they won’t be charged for any part of the service. The admin account will be charged for the aggregate storage used by sponsored members and the admin account itself. Contact us if you’d like to upgrade your plan.

A: No. A better way to do this is for both of you to sign up for an account and share folders with other each other. To share, the other user must already be able to log it to RushTera. You can right click a folder, select share, and add the email address the other person uses to log in. You may give them Read/Write, or Upload Only permission. Once the folder is shared, it will appear in the other person’s RushTera pulldown menu (the little triangle right next to MyFiles in the upper left of their screen). If the other person doesn’t have an account, either they can sign up or you can give them one by clicking User Management and adding their email address.

A: We will do it for you. For security reasons, you must be logged in and message us in the application (click “?”). We will take care of it, and email you when it is done.

A: RushTera is limitless! We handle all file sizes. However, there is a known bug which affects users with slower internet connections when uploading or downloading very large files. Contact us for help if you run into issues.

A: We built an automatic transcoding feature that allows you to stream any video file from RushTera. To use it, right click a video file and choose Share. Check the box where it says "Create streamable proxies". Then click “Generate”. A new box will appear with a link inside - that is your sharing link, which you can use yourself or send to other people. If you wait a few minutes (or longer, if the video file is very large), you'll get an email from notifications@rushtera.com letting you know that your video file has been transcoded (processed into multiple formats that are likely to work for everyone). Click the link in the email and you should now be able to play the file.

A: To delete, two-finger select on the directory and choose “Delete” from the pull down menu. To rename it, do the same thing but select “Rename”.

A: When you right-click on a folder, select "Share" and put the email address of the person you'd like to share with in the box. Select the rights you'd like to give that person and click the check mark. That folder is now shared. You can add additional email addresses or change the rights granted at any time. Note that the other people you’re sharing Folders with must be able to log in to RushTera using the email address that you designated. If they are logged in at the moment you add them to a share, they must refresh the browser before they’ll see the share.

A: Trial accounts have 100GB of storage included. After that you can subscribe to a Pro account which has 100GB included plus $.10 per 1 GB used over that amount. For instance if you were to sign up for a Pro account and store 200 GB of files, you would pay the $9.95 for the base account plus $10 for an additional 100 GB of storage. There is no limit on how much you can use, you’ll be billed accordingly.

A: Just log in and try some uploads from your location. The uploader will tell you what speed you're getting.

A: You can. To upload a complete folder, navigate to the destination folder, click upload and select all the files you wish to upload. Alternatively, you can create a .zip or .dmg of the entire folder. In the first case, all your files will be uploaded, but any subfolder structure will be lost. in the second case, the .zip or .dmg will preserve your folder structure upon upload and subsequent download.

A: To share a folder and it's sub-folders, just right click on the folder in question, and select Share. The dialog box that opens gives you the option to choose the name that others see for that folder, and the rights you will grant to that folder (Read, Read/Write, or Upload only). The box below that will accept any number of email addresses (either type them in or cut and paste them from your email tool or somewhere else). Once you confirm, RushTera makes this folder (and it's subfolders) available to other users, with only the rights that you have granted.

A: Yes. You can sign up for the “Pro” Account and use as much storage as you want, even past the 100 GB of storage included with your account. Our rate is $.10 per 1 GB, and it stays that way even for overages. You will only be billed for what you use.

A: Click the button "Upload Page Setings." You'll be able to choose the URL for a link that you will give clients to upload files to your account. The client simply clicks the link you give them, enters his or her email address, selects the files to upload and clicks "Submit". The files are uploaded to your “MyFiles” repository into a subfolder called "Uploads" and a further subfolder named after the email address the client entered. You will receive a notification email every time a client uses this tool.

A: Please clear your browser cache and check again, it should be there. If not, contact one of our staff.

A: You can share an entire folder by right-clicking on it and selecting Gallery. This will create a link that you can send to anyone. The recipient will be able to view images and h.264 videos as well as download individual files or the entire folder.

A: Yes. You can enable Mac shortcuts by selecting “Toggle Hotkeys” from the top menu bar.

A: Yes. To edit your Uploader Page, log in to File Manager and click “Upload Page Settings” on the top toolbar.

A: Simply click on the file where it shows up under the search function. It will bring you to the folder.

A: Click “User Management” in the toolbar to see how much storage you’re using.

A: We’ll be happy to do it for you. Contact us directly (by phone at 1-800-565-4050 or 1-212-537-5915, email, or through the “?” in the application, however you’re comfortable). We’ll need your new card number, its expiration date, and card verification code (from the back of the card. At present there is no function to change payment information yourself online.

A: You can certainly subscribe for just one month. If you'd like, we can set your account to only take one payment only for the first month. Just let us know.

A: Yes, leave the page open until the upload is finished.

A: If you want to only allow viewers to watch this at the original resolution, upload the version you want to share and don’t select the transcode option when you create the share link. For details on how to encode for streaming look HERE

A: Yes. After uploading the single .mov file, create a Share for it, selected “Create Streamable Proxies” and click Generate. Next right click on the file and select Distribute. Fill in the blanks and use the “+” to create a new link for each outside entity. Each person’s link will have it’s own settings (e.g. watermark, password, expiration date). Note: the watermarks are shown whenever the stream is viewed. They’re not burned-in to the original file, so if you enable downloads, the recipient of the link will be able to download the file without the watermark. If you want them to download a file with the watermark, you must burn it in before uploading to RushTera.

A: No. At at the moment.

A: Yes we do. When a referral of yours becomes a new subscriber, we credit your account for two months of the new subscriber's subscription level (i.e. $19.90 if you refer a Pro, $399.90 if you refer a Show and $3,990 if you refer a Studio). The person you refer gets one month subscription credit too! Use the coupon code "LOVE" when you subscribe and you'll not be charged for 30 days. Have your friends use the code too to get their one month subscription credit. Then let us know who you are referring so we can give you an additional two-months credit when your referral subscribes.

It is possible that the audio format for the file you are trying to share is not supported by RushTera. It is likely that your original file used PCM audio, which is not a supported streaming audio format. To ensure that your audio streams correctly we suggest encoding using the following audio settings:

CHANNELS: Stereo (L, R)
SAMPLE RATE: 48.000 kHz
BIT RATE: 192kbps (if bandwidth is an issue, a lower bit rate like 128 kbps may be used)

Instead of re-encoding and uploading a new file you may use the RushTera file transcoding option when creating your Share Link. See FAQ for ‘How do I transcode a Video File for sharing?’

A: While there are a variety of codecs and file formats supported by RushTera for video streaming, we have found the following specifications give us the best results for a high quality video share link with a reasonable file size.

CONTAINER: Quicktime (.mov)
CODEC: (aka Compression Type) .h264 (baseline profile)
RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1080 (for 16 x 9 Material)
FRAME RATE: Same As Source (SAS)
DATA RATE: 2,400 kbps* (optimized for download)
PIXELS: Square Pixels
COMPRESSOR QUALITY: Best Quality (multi-pass)
STREAMING: None (No fast start header or hinting)
AUDIO BIT RATE: 192 kbps

* You can specify a higher data rate (e.g. 5,000kbps, 10,000kbps), but some viewers with lower bandwidth connections may have difficulty streaming your video.