We are Attend LLC

We created RushTera to make sharing big files less painful. First introduced in February 2012 as “MediaCloud,” RushTera grew out of our work with Warner Bros, Postworks and PacketExchange starting in 2008. The vision was and is to offer a simple, affordable alternative to shipping drives or installing expensive software at each endpoint of a transfer.

Our first paying customer was Digitas. “Attend helped us meet a critical client deadline. They were a calming influence! We wouldn’t have made it without them.” – Kristin Martini, while VP at Digitas

Since then, hundreds of filmmakers, festivals and studios have created accounts. In 2013, Focus Features used RushTera for five full-length features including Admission and Academy Award winning Dallas Buyers Club. Then SVP Post Production Jeff Roth said of RushTera, “We couldn’t have made Admission without it.”

Anatomy Media used RushTera to manage over 1,275 full res submissions for the 2013 PromaxBDA Hot Spots Showcase. “We’d like to thank Chuck Stormon [...] for a great way to share big files,” said CEO Mark Valentine.

RushTera offers accelerated upload and download with secure cloud storage so users can store and share video, sound, stills and other data with anyone. RushTera is unique in accelerating uploads and downloads. We don’t impose limits on file size, uploads, downloads or shares. We support video streaming in a variety of formats. Our members include everyone from independent filmmakers and videographers all the way to major studios and agencies.

Both intellectual property (our Content Ingest Network) and infrastructure (our cloud locations around the world) drive the speed of RushTera. We are headquartered in Upstate New York and New York City.

What RushTera Users Are Saying:

“Working in the feature documentary world, you tend to deal with very lengthy “work-in-progress” cuts that change frequently. Previously we had been using Vimeo to try and stream our full length cuts (up to 60 minutes running time). But as the project surpassed the 30 minute mark it became clear that this was not a viable solution. When you are sending streaming links with potential funders, a server bottleneck that freezes up the video is absolutely unacceptable.

After looking long and hard for an alternative, we’ve settled on RushTera. Aside from providing the added benefit of a streamlined, asset-sharing workflow with other people working on the project, RushTera has given us the flexibility to distribute secure, downloadable links of our cuts. It’s as simple and straightforward as anything Vimeo offered us, except that it actually works. Not to mention the uploads are faster.

It has enabled us to send out high quality H264 video to the people that need to see current state of the offline edit. And by asking people to download instead of stream, it has enabled the viewers of our material to better navigate the clips via embedded chaptering in the QuickTime videos. RushTera has changed our workflow and our secure network of offline distribution, I’m happy to say, for the better.” – JD Marlow, Filmmaker