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RushTera Download Manager


Dealing with a large amount of files on a daily basis is part of almost every operation in the Media & Film Industry. Actions like file upload and download seem straightforward and simple, yet in reality these can be take stressful. 

Today we take a look at one of these actions only, downloading.

Anyone of us can remember a time when we struggled downloading a large number of files or folders; either the download stopped halfway or some files were corrupted upon download, and the hassle of starting all over again.

It’s even more frustrating if you’re involved in the film post-production workflow. Indeed downloading large files, DCPs, folders from your cloud storage is time consuming and stressful.

That’s why, with our eagerness to always find solutions for all film post-production struggles, and eventually guarantee a smooth and efficient post-production workflow, we are glad to announce our newest product, RushTera Download Manager.

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