Media Gallery Redesigned

Media Gallery is here with a new design and a mobile friendly layout


Sharing videos and media files in general could be one of the main struggles in the Media and Film industry especially for production and post-production divisions. Whether it is not being able to share large files at once because of size limits or the complicated process with all the emails, uploads and downloads on different platforms for both the sender and the recipient, it always ends up with a lot of wasted time and effort. But what if we told you that we have the perfect solution for your concerns and more?

Introducing the Media Gallery, the RushTera feature that guarantees a simple yet elegant and secure way for you to share your creative work with clients and prospects. We designed the perfect tool  to help you distribute your media files of commercials, dailies, trailers or even entire features  for review, approval or sales purposes. Here are the different Media Gallery characteristics.

Limitless Files

We would like to be known for being Limitless, and for that, large files are no longer a headache while distributing your work as you can fit unlimited files in one Gallery with no limits to file size or file format.

Elegant Layout

Our main customers are creative teams in the media and film industries, so developing a bland tool that doesn’t reflect creativity was never on our agenda. Here are some available customization options for an elegant and distinguished gallery.

Integrated Media Player

Your client will access the gallery simply through a link and can preview all files and play the automatically transcoded videos smoothly via  RushTera integrated player, all in one place. Full screen preview is also available to guarantee an immersive streaming experience.

Dynamic Gallery

You can also add and remove files to and from the gallery on the go, with the ability to change the display name and the order and arrangement of the displayed files as you please.

Secure Sharing

Your work is shared securely with the different security options available. From setting an expiration date for the gallery link to adding a watermark and even a password to restrict access to the gallery.

Mobile Friendly Design

All functionalities of Media Gallery now available on the go. Compatible with both IOS and Android for you and your clients  to check your galleries anytime, anywhere.

All of these characteristics with the newly redesigned layout make Media Gallery a must have  tool  for your media sharing and distribution workflows. 

Seems like something you’ll need in your workflow?

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